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We don't expect you to be a golf expert. 

That's why Golf Upgrades utilizes our expert golf instructors to help every step of the way. We provide everything you need to improve all in one place. See why Google, Yelp, Facebook have given us a 5-star rating.

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Student Testimonials

"Jacob at golf-upgrades is without a doubt one of the best golf instructors I've ever had. There were parts of my game that needed improvement to get me to scratch, and Jacob is just what I needed to take my game to the next level. I really can't recommend him enough!"
-Brant R. Yelp 5.0 star rating

"I highly recommend Golf Upgrades for all skill levels. Jacob breaks down the key golf fundamentals in a simple and effective way, as well as provides very technical tips and tricks that even a seasoned golfer can immediately integrate into his/her game to shave off strokes during his/her next round. Jacob also sends his trainees analysis videos after the lessons, which is a great way to see the techniques learned in action. Thank you, Jacob!"
-Ross B. Yelp 5.0 star rating

"My learning experience with Golf Upgrades has also been greatly aided by the video analysis of my swing with each lesson. The ability to view my swing is a huge plus, but in addition Jacob does a hand drawn analysis illustrating the different postures and techniques that need attention. His business is modern and technology centered, and greatly enhances the already excellent coaching on offer. My lessons have been very positive and have encouraged me to continue with learning how to golf despite my unease in the beginning. I enthusiastically recommend Jacob's coaching to anyone looking to improve his or her golf game."
-Aleks J. Yelp 5.0 star rating

"Great instructor, very enthusiastic and positive. I especially appreciate how he zeros in on specific weaknesses or errors and gives helpful solutions. I definitely recommend him as a beginner. Also his youth and tech savviness really optimize the experience. Lastly, very flexible with scheduling."
-Faith S. Yelp 5.0 star rating

"Jacob is so wonderful-- my son walked out of class saying, "This is the best day ever!" Jacob is very knowledgeable and oh so patient and really just a genuinely kind young man. He has a great outlook on teaching children-- You can't go wrong by booking your sessions with him!"

-Janice S. Yelp 5.0 star rating

"Jacob Williams is hands down the best golf instructor I have ever worked with. I'm pretty new to the game so I was honestly intimidated going to the range. I had worked with a few instructors at the course in Sorrento but I never felt like I was having a good time or getting really solid advice. I decided to try out Jacob since I had friends that had a great experience with him. If anything, they understated his genius. He actually records my swings on a high tech slow motion capture device so you can make extremely specific biomechanical adjustments. This really drills in the mind-body connection and makes you FEEL the change. A+ and 5 stars for Jacob Williams. You can't go wrong with him." -

-Isaque C. Yelp 5.0 star rating

"I'd recommend Golf Upgrades to any and everyone looking to improve their golf game, from beginners to those with much more experience. I came into my lessons with little to no prior experience golfing, and my first swings felt awkward and complex. After only one lesson I was hitting much more naturally and beginning to feel comfortable on the course. The difference between my first and second lessons was equally astounding - the amount I had improved in such a short time was evident and I was beginning to really have fun hitting. As far as the instruction, it was obvious from the very beginning that Jacob was both extremely knowledgeable about the game as well as passionate about helping others to get to their best. He uses unique drills combined with analytics technology to focus on problem areas, showing you exactly where you should be focusing your improvements on and then giving you a specific drill to get you there. After every lesson he sent a video showing myself next to a professional golfer, going in-depth and slow motion to show exactly what I needed to work on. As a visual learner it was really cool (and helpful) to receive such detailed feedback that way."

-Jordan D. Yelp 5.0 star rating

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