Golf Upgrades How to Film Your Swing

How To Film Your Golf Swing

September 11, 2017

Camera Set-up and Alignment is very important when filming your swing. In order to give the appropriate feedback, correct camera angles play a huge part.

Primary Camera Angles: Down-The-Line (DTL) and Face-On (FO)


Camera Angles 

(4) Four "most used":

  1. HANDS: Hands between the camera and target.
  2. Golf Upgrades Preferred [pictured]: In-between #1 (hands) AND #2 (ball) 
  3. BALL: Ball between the camera and target.
  4. FEET: Feet between the camera and target.

Golf Upgrades Preferred Height: Belt level/ Hand Level (Preferred)

  • Camera too low: Golfer may appear "Steep/Over-the-top"
  • Camera too high: Golfer may appear "Under/Inside"


  1. Perpendicular (Use "t" ball position)
  2. Center (try to setup the camera so the golfer is right in the middle of the lens)

 Golf Upgrades Preferred Height: Belt level/ Hand Level (Preferred)

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