[3-Pack] - Junior Golf Lesson Special

Golf Upgrades

[EXPIRES May 25th]

Purchase (3) 1-hour golf lessons and save $93!
Lessons include:
    (1) NEW** Shotracer Technology - 4K HD Video Footage

    (1) Professional Comparison Video Analysis
    (1) Custom Practice Plan to make the identified changes. 


    Why should kids golf?
    Golf Upgrades helps develop your child's skills in golf while focusing on important life values such as integrity, respect, perseverance, and more.
    Playing an 18-hole course burns around 2000 calories.

    A huge part of golf is learning to respect the course, your playing partners, and yourself.

    Golfers have a significantly lower injury rate relative to other sports.

    Strategic Thinking
    Learn basic math & physics and risk/reward concepts

    Practice sportsmanship and enjoy the sport for the many years to come!


    +High-Quality Golf Instruction

    Customized lesson plans & video analysis

    +Access content anytime 

    Learn golf anytime, anywhere

    +Set Growth Goals 

    Plant the seeds you need to improve in golf

    +Measure Results

    Track your progress with our advanced golf software.


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