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Your golf is a function of your mind, body, and technique.

Golf Upgrades uses data and innovative processes to identify 
& resolve negative swing characteristics.
If you improve your health, your golf game will follow.

+Learn the importance of the body and how it relates to the golf swing.
To lower your scores, you've got to grow your mind.

+Prepare your mind for any environment
Technique is the ability to produce consistent results.

+Learn the factors that influence the flight of your golf ball
We go the direction we face

Our ultimate goal at Golf Upgrades is to inspire high levels of personal growth. 

We know that every person is different, and that a blanket program will lead to inconsistent and mediocre results. No matter which improvement package you chose, your program will be handmade by our team of industry professionals.

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Growth through movement
look up, keep growing.
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