How to Play Golf: What Is Swing Path?

May 10, 2018

How to Play Golf: What Is Swing Path?

If you are new to golfing, many golf tips will help you with your performance and will contribute to you having more fun on the golf court. First, you need to understand what golf path means.

Swing path refers to the in-to-out or out-to-in club movement at the maximum possible compression. When you are focusing on your golf path, you are fixing the exact direction of the club and the impact it will have on the ball's target line. If you want to learn how to play golf correctly, then you have to start with the basics.

What is Attack Angle?

The golf swing is significant for all your golf lessons. You have first to determine whether you are going to hit down or up the ball. You have to know that you have to strike the ball with a subtle hit on a downward position.

What is Club Path?

You have to try and learn the difference between those two terms. The golf swing it is the angle on which the arc of the swing indeed travels. On the contrary, club path is the specific direction in which the club head goes in when you hit the ball.

Professional Golfers

All the professional golfers hit a seven iron and use an attack angle no more than 4 degrees. This way you can honestly analyze the divots and make sure you are not moving too much dirt all around. When you manage to hit the ball with a golf swing, you can notice how the club path will point to the right of the target. This, of course, means that the ball will be traveling on a straight and swing direction [in-to-out].

Neutralizing the Club Path

If you want to neutralize the club path, you have to rotate the club to the left. Using a descending angle you can genuinely make a straight club path. If you want to reduce the corner to 1 – 5 degrees, then you need to hit up the ball and increase the launch angle. If you try to hit up the ball with a neutral golf swing, then the club path will point lest of the target.

Golf Tips for Straight Shots

To manage to hit a straight shot, you have to use your club path at zero angles. This way you can determine the specific angle and direction of the ball. The particular route will depend on the type of the shot you are going to use. You can make a 5-yard fade, a straight shot or even a 10-yard draw.

These are a few simple tips for learning how to play golf properly. The ultimate purpose is being able to send the ball exactly where you wanted it to be. For this reason, your very first concern must be to learn how to swing your club and use different angle positions properly.

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