How to Play Golf: What is Face Angle?

How to Play Golf: What is Face Angle?

May 10, 2018

What is Face Angle?

One of the first things you start off with when learning how to play golf is the face angle. An accurate description would be somewhere along this line: ‘Face Angle is the direction in which the club points to when it reaches an impact with the ball, and its measures are taken relative to the target line.' Out of those origins, the ‘closed' or ‘open' club faces. Keep in mind that ‘clubface' and ‘face angle' are synonyms

Measures of the Face Angle

While improving your golf swing and learning to hit straight shots, the face angle must be zero. Depending on the shot shape you want to achieve, the face angle varies. When the face angle has a positive value, then it faces right compared to the target line, respectively when it has a negative value it meets left to the target line.

Among one of the best golf tips is always to measure the driver loft. Each manufacturer varies in the way he does that. Even the best companies in the branch have around one to two degrees' difference from the given specification.

What You Should Consider

Manufacturers produce different face angles, and they're designed to open up the face or close it down depending on the face angle you're taking. The driver head, however, should first be set either on the ground or some hard surface for all of that to happen. Once you've set up the ball, you could always position the face at any angle you'd prefer. Most importantly though, think about the loft angle as you are repositioning the face angle while setting up the driver, as it will change as well. More simply said, the more you open or close the face, the more you increase or decrease the loft regarding degrees, and all of that has a tremendous impact on your golf swing.

Our Simple Golf Tips

As a beginner who is currently learning how to play golf, you would be better off by playing at a square face angle or zero degrees in other words. You'd still be teaching basics, and there'd be no specific problems you'd want to correct, before grasping all of the fundamentals.

The zero degrees' angle lets the club sit square on the ground and adjust it as per their desires, most of the pros, however, use around half a degree angle difference compared to the square. Women use a bit higher degrees as they tend to have extreme difficulty to square off the club when it goes for the impact, plus the higher angle allows them to hit the ball higher, making the ball travel much further into the distance.

We hope that this article has given you the right amount of information to allow you to improve your golf swing. Learning the fundamentals demands quite a bit of effort, however, the more you read, the faster you'll get there.

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