How to Play Golf: Increase Ball Speed

How to Play Golf: Increase Ball Speed

May 10, 2018

How to Increase Ball Speed

Golfing is a sport in which a small hard ball is aimed at a series of short holes using a golf club. If you are a beginner interested in playing golf, there are many things that you should learn beforehand. Golf swing, ball speed, and carry are some of the critical factors to consider in it. There are so many golf tips that will make it much easier for a beginner to start off with golf. One of the essential things that you should know when playing this exciting game is the ball speed. Therefore, if you are wondering how to play golf and want to start from the top, it is vital for you to know the definition of ball speed and why it matters.

What Is Ball Speed?

According to the famous blog Trackman, golf speed is the speed of the golf ball immediately after the impact from the golf club. When it comes to this, there are 2 significant determinants of the golf speed. They are the club speed which is the result of the golf swing and the impact created by it on the golf ball. However, the club speed only initiates the potential of the golf speed while the effect is the actual factor that decides how far your golf ball moves. The highest record so far on the golf speed is marked by Connor Powers which is 226 mph during the 2014 World Long Drive Championship Quarterfinals.

Golf Tips to Increase Ball Speed

The ball speed is a vital component when it comes to deciding the driving distance. A good ball speed comes with ample practice and more extensive knowledge of the golfing sport. So if you are thinking about how to play golf with a sound speed of the ball, here are some tips. The underlying suggestion to increase your distance by 2 yards is through gaining one mph of ball speed. One of the main golf tips for a good ball speed is the proper positioning of the ball, and its rate can usually be increased by placing the ball in line with the left toe of the player. Another specialist in golf says that if the club path matches with the face angle, more compression can be achieved thereby increasing the ball speed. Also, a good golf swing with no power leaks can also increase the momentum of the golf ball.

Where do you lose ball speed?

One of the first golf tips on how to play golf properly is achieving more distance through ball speed. But this can go wrong in several ways. Shot hits on the toe or heel can reduce the potential ball speed and thereby is considered an adverse impact. Also, the improper positioning of the ball can affect the golf swing entirely regarding weight transfer and origin of movement from the swing.

Therefore, it is essential to keep these points in mind if you are interested in golf and want to know how to play game properly. Basically ball speed is what affects the distance, and therefore you should pay more close attention to it. Ball speed generally depends on the golf swing made by the golf club and the impact of it. If you take these golf tips to your mind, you will be a golfing pro in no time.

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